Factory resetting your Okyo Garde router or mesh node will erase all your personalized data and settings from the device, remove it from your account, and restore the device to its original state. After completing a factory reset you will need to set up the device and network again, through the Okyo Garde app.

If you are experiencing any technical issues with your Okyo Garde Device, please reach out to our Support team by sending an email to Support@okyo.com, by chatting with us via the question mark icon in the Okyo App or on Okyo.com, or by giving us a call 24/7 at 1-855-916-5961.


You can factory reset your device directly from the Okyo Garde app:

  • Open the Okyo Garde app

  • Tap on the settings (gear) icon in the upper right corner

  • Tap “Okyo Garde Router”

  • Select the specific device you want to reset

  • On the device information screen, scroll to the bottom and tap “Factory Reset”

  • Tap “Reset”

If you have performed a factory reset on your main Okyo Garde router, you will be immediately prompted to go through the setup process the next time you sign into the Okyo Garde app. This will also trigger a factory reset on any mesh nodes that were connected to the main Okyo Garde router and online before the reset.

If you performed the reset on a mesh node, you can re-add the device from the Apps settings:

  • Tap on the settings (gear) icon in the upper right corner

  • Tap “Okyo Garde Router”

  • Tap “Activate Now” under “Mesh node subscription available” to initiate the setup process for your mesh node.

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