Each Okyo Garde subscription includes the mesh-enabled router (hardware), advanced security protection, and a mobile app for you to control everything on your network.

All Okyo Garde subscriptions include:

  1. Premium mesh-enabled Wi-Fi from a top-of-the-line Okyo Garde router

  2. Blocking of malware, phishing, suspicious activity, and IoT device threats from all network-connected devices

  3. Actionable security alerts, with plain-English remediation guidance

  4. Easy set-up and control from the Okyo Garde mobile app

  5. Ongoing upgrades with new security, networking and control features

Our “Plus” and “Pro” tier subscriptions offer additional features like parental controls, ad-blocking, and Pro includes no limit on the number of connected devices. Checkout the subscriptions section of our website for more detail.

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