Okyo Garde mesh nodes are a great way to extend the coverage of your Okyo Garde network; choosing the right placement will help maximize the coverage and strength of your wireless signal across your home or business. There is not a one size fits all approach to your mesh layout and you may have to experiment with different locations for your mesh nodes to find the best coverage.

Where should I place my Okyo Garde mesh node?

During setup you will have the option to set up your mesh node with wired or wireless backhaul, keeping your mesh node wired is preferred if your area is set up for it. If you use wireless backhaul we recommend that you keep your mesh node close to the router during setup to ensure that the mesh node and router have a strong connection and then move your mesh node to your preferred spot.

The ideal location for your Okyo Garde mesh node will depend on your environment and may take some experimentation to find where it works best. Consider areas that need stronger wireless signals and have devices used for streaming, gaming, and video conferencing, prioritize these areas. Placing your mesh node in the halfway point between the router and your prioritized area is a good starting point. A clear line of sight between your mesh node and the Okyo Garde router as well as avoiding obstacles and other factors that limit your range will help with a stronger connection.

If you’re having trouble finding a mesh location that works because your router and modem are in an undesirable location, you can use a longer ethernet cord to move your Okyo Garde router away from the modem and into a more central area that will promote better coverage.

If you need to extend the range of your Okyo Garde network even further, you can add additional nodes to your subscription by logging into your account at www.okyo.com.

Factors that can limit your range and wireless signal strength

The size of the area, room layout, and construction materials can limit your range and wireless signal strength. Where you place your Okyo Garde router and additional mesh nodes can help to improve coverage.

Positioning: Wi-Fi coverage extends all around a router or mesh node. In general, placing your router or mesh nodes towards the center of a space will give you better coverage than in the corner or against an outer wall.

Spacing mesh nodes out evenly throughout your space will generally result in better coverage.

Limit obstacles: walls, storage containers, and items are all obstacles that can diminish the range of your wireless signal.

Interference: other electronic devices can cause interference. Other routers, Bluetooth, cordless phones, baby monitors, microwaves, and reflective surfaces.

Placement Do’s and Don’ts


  1. Place your Okyo Garde devices within range of each other. Your Okyo Garde mesh node will need to be able to communicate with your Okyo Garde router. For best results, connect them with an Ethernet cable.

  2. Keep your Okyo Garde devices in open spaces and higher up when possible. Media cabinets, closets, and drawers can interfere with or weaken the signal.

  3. A clear line of sight will help your Okyo Garde devices communicate and help the signal travel. If near plaster walls, walls with plumbing, and other types of thick wall construction, placing your Okyo Garde device closer to the doorway may help to extend the coverage.


  1. Avoid placing your Okyo Garde device near metal appliances and objects, like the refrigerator, washing machine, and toolboxes.

  2. Avoid the interferences mentioned above.

  3. Avoid placing your Okyo Garde device in small closed-off areas like closets, drawers, and media cabinets. Your Okyo Garde device should also be placed on a hard surface. Avoid soft surfaces like carpets, cushions, and other material surfaces that could block its vents.

  4. Avoid placing your Okyo Garde device near bodies of water, water fixtures, and fish tanks.

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